Who am I?

Ten years ago I was sat on the top of the hill in my Ashram, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, lost in deep meditation. Suddenly, tears streamed down my face as I was struck by a bolt of truth – everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. For years, I had lived with a false identity, trying to fit into the world’s expectations, but now, in that stillness, I finally saw through the illusion. It was like being reborn, with a newfound clarity that cut through all the noise and distractions of life. I was free, finally free, to be who I truly was. And from that moment on, my perception of life was forever changed.

I realised that I devoured knowledge, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it held the key to the universe’s secrets. I earned not one, but two master’s, collected diplomas like trophies, and even learned three languages along the way. But for all my learning, I remained lost, trapped in a maze of facts and figures that left me feeling more suffocated than ever. And I realised – I wasn’t searching for knowledge, I was searching for wisdom.

I’ve been a restless traveller for as long as I can remember, chasing after the next adventure. I’ve seen sights that would make my heart sing, met wonderful people who touched me and had moments of pure, unbridled joy that left me dizzy with wonder. But no matter how incredible those moments were, they never seemed to stick around for long.

I tried to achieve different states of consciousness by using external forces. I got completely lost for a while. But everything was only temporary.

Love, or what I thought was love, became an addiction for me. I jumped in and out of relationships, both healthy and toxic, hoping that each one would finally be the missing piece of the puzzle that would make me happy. But time after time, I was left feeling hollow and unfulfilled. And that’s when I understood – the only person who could truly make me happy was me.

Sitting atop that hill, with hot cheeks and the taste of tears on my lips, I asked myself a question once more:

Who am I?

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Online Yoga Workshop

Befriend Your Fear – using yoga to help.


When: 28th of June 2020, Sunday

What time: 10 am – 12 noon

Cost: £10

What to expect:

Immerse yourself in complete relaxation.  What to expect on the day?

Will go through specially prepared yoga asana (physical) and pranayama (breathing) practice which could be helpful with befriending the fear.

And will include half an hour of aware relaxation called Yoga Nidra. A mini Spa for your Mind. A Very relaxing Sunday morning preparing you for the whole week! You are so worth it.




or pay via paypal

As a self-employed person, I understand that for some of us financial situation can be difficult. If you cannot pay the full amount, please use donation ticket. If you cannot pay anything at all, please contact me. We are all in this together! You can also use paypal account if you wish




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Meditation experience

Today I would like to keep you a bit longer than usual. Person attending my mindfulness/relaxation class, wrote to me with the practice experience and with the permission – I am sharing. Love the creative way. Obviously, that doesn’t have to be your experience, but I just want to show you how exciting the journey into yourself may be! Searching for the true Self…
This person is practicing meditation for 1.5 years now. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to pass it on!

Sending love and light

Our live streaming online class each Wednesday 8PM

Who said that?
Which me?
I don’t know about you, but I have long been aware of at least two Me’s, although I have only recently begun to understand their relationship with each other. The two Me’s are the “Story- Teller” me and the “Narrator” me.
The Story-Teller me, is the one you hear when I talk out loud. Words come out of my mouth and both you and I can hear them.
The Narrator me, is the one that only I can hear in my head. You can’t hear this one, but it is always there. In fact, this is the one I can hear now as I type, it is saying the words and my fingers are doing the typing.
In fact, the Narrator me is nearly always there. It hardly every stops, always chattering away randomly, repeatedly, arguing, challenging everything, worried about everything. It is the storm going on around.
These two Me’s are not different people in anyway, just a different version of the one “Me”
The Narrator also has an eye, it’s the “Mind’s Eye”. It can see things just like my real eyes but in a different way. It’s the visual imagination. Nothing particularly weird, spiritual or insightful but still there all the same. As the Narrator is chatting on, it is creating images in the mind of what it means. As other conversations, noises, sights, feelings come in form the senses outside, it is building new images in my mind. Oddly, I can’t actually see the Mind’s Eye itself, but I can see the canvas it places the images on. The “Movie” screen. This constant Movie of images is all part of the chattering, a part of the storm. To find the eye of the storm, is to quieten the Narrator and switch off the Movie.
Sometimes I am aware of it going quiet when it is in sync with the Story-Teller me. These are the times the Narrator is being able to externalise what it is says through the Story -Teller. This is why I think writing is good because it often allows this sync to happen. A type of shortcut or bypass. A version of truth. Sometimes the Narrator goes quiet when it is listening, but usually not for long.
I find another way of quietening the Narrator, through Meditation. However, this is a different type of quiet. It’s not in sync with the Story-Teller as such, because the Story-Teller is either not present or maybe is quiet also. It is rare I find this quiet Narrator time, but it does happen. Concentrating on the breath or any other singularity, reduces the Narrators chatter to a hum, or an “ommmm….”, or sometimes even more rarely, even an absolute nothing. The Narrator is listening for longer.
Both the Narrator, me and the Movie screen are in my head. Inside my skull. The Eye “sees” from there and I “hear” the Narrator’s voice from there. I expect this because this is where I have always assumed the “I” of me exists. Both my consciousness and unconsciousness live there.

During the body scan last week, I experienced a third Me. One that wasn’t a Story-Teller me or a Narrator me and more interesting wasn’t in my head.
I (both Me’s) hear your guided description, Feet, Lower Legs, etc. My Narrator me, is instructing my Minds Eye to look at these body parts (along with lots of other random chatter in the background), and the image of the body part is placed on my Movie screen in my head. At which point I experience, feel, see the body part in isolation. This is pretty normal for me. I try not to listen to everything the Narrator is saying, especially the unrelated background chatter, and try not to pay to much attention to the Movie. Instead, I try and just let it just happen without the Narrator, narrating and displaying the events.
As you direct I/me to be aware of my Arms, my Head etc, all is normal, as it usually is. The Narrator me and the Movie are both playing their role but getting quieter. But then you said something along the lines of “be aware of your brain”. A this point, without realising it at first, I moved out of my head and “felt” I was looking at my head (where my brain exists) and seeing the Narrator and the Move screen (which is where they both exist) from somewhere else.
At first it was like when you put two mirrors face to face, and they produce infinite images of each other. Because the act of looking at my brain and head, which contained the Movie screen, which is usually what I watch, was like looking at a Movie of a Movie.
It was at this moment I also felt I was seeing the Story-Teller me and the Narrator me and the Movie screen as a whole for the first time. But then I became aware that in order for this to be happening, I had to be looking from a new place. A place outside of the normal place of the head. I also realised for a split second that I was looking at all this from a new Me I had not been aware of before.
Was this an out of body experience? Was this the new Me? A real Me?
I have no idea what it was, but it was a new experience. This thought process will be continued….

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Idea number 2 – how to reduce usage of plastic shower gel and hand soap bottles?

21 Ideas (or more) to reduce plastic in your house. We start with bathroom.

Here is the video

I forgot to mention in the video, look for local suppliers. There are lots handmade shampoo and soap bars out there! And they are made by self-employed people needing your support.

Other links related to the video on YouTube page


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21 Ideas (or more) to reduce plastic in your house.

Through yoga practice, meditation, my awareness of life increased. I started to realise, naturally, the connection with nature and impact of my own actions on others and everything around me.

I started my journey with plastic 2 years ago. I was terribly busy at that time and I really didn’t have time to research any ideas on how to reduce the plastic usage in my house. Hence, I decided to record all the ideas I implemented for the last two years. I did not do everything at once. It was a process – still is. So please be kind to yourself and try not to overload yourself. One step at the time. In the first video I explain why I feel so strong about war against plastic. Forgive my passion lol Hopefully it will make the process easier for someone else.


On you tube I posted additional links to some videos related to subject and article.

An article related to this video:
https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/more-recycling-wont-solve-plastic-pollution/And very inspirational TED talk

Why recycling does not work:


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