Change Part 1
I think as human beings we love to create our safety bubble and stay safe there. But life is not like that. Life challenges us and tries to show us the life outside the bubble.
Change is an inherent part of life. It’s a constant force that shapes our experiences, challenges our perceptions, and moves us forward. Whether we like it or not, change is always on the horizon, and learning how to cope with it is an essential life skill. Look outside, nature changes every day. Even our bodies change every second and every seven years all our cells are completely renewed, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of existence. Change is the driving force behind personal growth and evolution. It can be both exciting and daunting, often simultaneously. The way we approach and handle change can determine our overall well-being and success in life. Here’s a roadmap to help you not only cope with change but also embrace it:
1. Breaking Big Change into Small Steps
The prospect of a significant life change, such as moving to a new city or starting a new job, can be overwhelming. To make it more manageable, break it down into smaller, more digestible steps. Think of these steps as building blocks towards the bigger change. For instance, if you’re moving to a new city, start by researching the area, then find housing, and finally plan the move itself. By focusing on one step at a time, you’ll reduce anxiety and build confidence.
2. Breaking the Patterns of Habits
Habits are powerful forces that can resist change. To embrace change, you might need to break some of your established routines. This doesn’t mean discarding all your habits; it’s about identifying which ones no longer serve you or align with your new goals. Once you’ve identified them, replace them with new, positive habits that support your desired changes. This might require patience and persistence, but it’s essential for growth.
3. Start with Small Changes
Sometimes, the fear of change itself can be paralyzing. To overcome this, start with small, manageable changes. These can be as simple as altering your daily routine or trying out a new restaurant instead of your usual one. Gradually, as you become more comfortable with small changes, you’ll build the confidence to tackle more significant transitions.
4. Accept the Change
Acceptance is a crucial step in coping with change. Recognize that change is a natural part of life and that resisting it can lead to unnecessary stress and unhappiness. Instead of fighting change, practice embracing it. This doesn’t mean you have to love every change that comes your way, but it does mean acknowledging its presence and being open to its potential benefits.
When you allow yourself to change, miracles can happen. You’ll discover new interests, meet new people, and experience personal growth. Change can lead to unexpected opportunities and open doors you never knew existed. By embracing change, you give yourself the chance to explore uncharted territories and find hidden strengths within yourself.

Change is inevitable, and learning to cope with it is a lifelong journey. So, as you move forward in life, remember that change is not the enemy; it’s the catalyst for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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Allowing others to walk their path


Our beautiful world is a diverse place, and every individual’s experiences are shaped by unique events and circumstances. What moves one person deeply might only annoy or confuse another. That’s why we all have our own paths to follow, each leading to our personal growth and evolution, with its own triggers and own moments of transformation.

Last month I had an argument with my mum. I wasn’t happy about the decision she made and I thought it was hurtful to some people. I meditated on it for a while and realised that who am I to question her decisions? She raised me on her own for the first few years, she made me who I am and now I’m telling her what to do with her life. She’s an adult, she has her own lessons to learn and walk her own path, and why on earth would I interrupt this process?
If you ever see someone struggling along a tough path, it’s natural to want to help. But it’s important to remember that they need space to find their own way. Of course, if they ask for your help, welcome them with open arms. You can share your own experiences or offer advice with love and understanding. But if they don’t ask, respect their autonomy and let them learn from their mistakes, celebrate their successes and failures, and help them to uncover their own truths.

Sometimes, our own egos or desires for control can push us to try to steer others towards our own path. But that’s not fair to them. Everyone has the right to explore their own path to enlightenment. By supporting and celebrating each other’s individual journeys, we not only witness their growth, but also reinforce the value of diversity and independence.

Letting partners be who they are:
In a relationship, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to change your partner to fit your ideal image of them. However, it is important to remember that your partner is their own person with their own set of values, beliefs, and goals. Trying to force them to conform to your expectations can lead to feelings of resentment and a breakdown in the relationship.
Instead, it is important to accept your partner for who they are and support them in their individual goals and aspirations. This means letting them pursue their interests. It also means giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and trusting that they will make the right choices. Because at the end of the day, that’s who you fell in love with, not your expectation.

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How to find your Self?

If you have found yourself asking that same question – who am I? – then fear not, for there are countless paths that can lead you to the answer you seek.

Meditation: Want to explore the magic of your inner world? Meditation is a powerful tool that helps you tune out the noise of the world and tap into your own spiritual energy. Every month we organise a free meditation evening, surrounded by like-minded people. Ask me for details if you are interested.

Yoga: Who says spirituality can’t be fun and exciting? Yoga is a practice that combines breath, movement, and mindfulness to awaken your body and spirit. Meditation, relaxation and pranayama are part of yoga, Giving you countless ways of finding what you are looking for. There are a lot of yoga classes I teach every week, please have a look at the bottom of the email.

Mindfulness: Imagine discovering a whole new world of wonder in the present moment! Mindfulness is a practice that helps you appreciate life’s simple pleasures, from the beauty of nature to the joy of being alive.

Gratitude: Ready to feel the love and abundance of the universe? Cultivating gratitude is like opening up a treasure chest of positive energy and blessings that can fill your heart and soul.

Nature: Have you ever felt the power of nature lift your spirits and awaken your senses? Exploring the great outdoors is a thrilling way to connect with the natural world and tap into the energy of the universe.

Service: Helping others is a powerful way to discover your purpose and make a positive impact on the world. Volunteering your time and energy can also help you cultivate a sense of empathy and compassion for others.

Self-reflection: What if you could unlock the mysteries of your own mind and soul? Taking time for self-reflection is like going on a journey of self-discovery that can help you better understand yourself and your place in the world.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the key is to try new things and discover what resonates with you personally. So why not start exploring and see where your spiritual journey takes you?


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Who am I?

Ten years ago I was sat on the top of the hill in my Ashram, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, lost in deep meditation. Suddenly, tears streamed down my face as I was struck by a bolt of truth – everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. For years, I had lived with a false identity, trying to fit into the world’s expectations, but now, in that stillness, I finally saw through the illusion. It was like being reborn, with a newfound clarity that cut through all the noise and distractions of life. I was free, finally free, to be who I truly was. And from that moment on, my perception of life was forever changed.

I realised that I devoured knowledge, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it held the key to the universe’s secrets. I earned not one, but two master’s, collected diplomas like trophies, and even learned three languages along the way. But for all my learning, I remained lost, trapped in a maze of facts and figures that left me feeling more suffocated than ever. And I realised – I wasn’t searching for knowledge, I was searching for wisdom.

I’ve been a restless traveller for as long as I can remember, chasing after the next adventure. I’ve seen sights that would make my heart sing, met wonderful people who touched me and had moments of pure, unbridled joy that left me dizzy with wonder. But no matter how incredible those moments were, they never seemed to stick around for long.

I tried to achieve different states of consciousness by using external forces. I got completely lost for a while. But everything was only temporary.

Love, or what I thought was love, became an addiction for me. I jumped in and out of relationships, both healthy and toxic, hoping that each one would finally be the missing piece of the puzzle that would make me happy. But time after time, I was left feeling hollow and unfulfilled. And that’s when I understood – the only person who could truly make me happy was me.

Sitting atop that hill, with hot cheeks and the taste of tears on my lips, I asked myself a question once more:

Who am I?

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