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Anna Smithers is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist for children and adults. Poetry and writing were always present in her life. Even as six year old girl, she was creating the stories and drawing her own illustrations. Later in life, poetry took more serious direction, and she was using poetry to express her feelings and emotions. When she was 18, her poems were published in local and national newspapers and magazines. Some of these won competitions. However, life has taken her on a completely different journey. After Anna gained her degrees in Science and Business Management, she stopped writing. It was only when she started Yoga that the inspiration to write returned to her. Yoga came to her life many years ago and she started to share it with others. Teaching children is her passion. Combining passion for writing and yoga seems to be perfect combination. Latest books are based on the Yogi Superhero programme for children ages 4-12, delivered for the last few years, which combines her passion for yoga and creative teaching.

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Interview with Author Anna Smithers

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Yoga and Calming Meditation for Kids – Yogi Superhero Series


Series of books introducing yoga to children:

  1. Yogi Superhero

An introduction to yoga for children ages 3-8. A meaningful book which demonstrates mindful yoga poses and breathing exercise. The full – colour book tells the story which allows children to understand that we already are Yogi Superheroes. It teaches basic poses which help to self-soothe and self-regulate in our crazy world and help with managing negative emotions. Readers will learn techniques for relaxing the body and the mind. Beautiful illustrations are showing yoga poses and the connection with nature. Book is based on my Yogi Superhero program for children ages 4-12 which I started to deliver few years ago.

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2. Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature – Forest

This meaningful book with kindness at its heart teaches mindful yoga poses and breathing exercises. As the story unfolds, children learn what it means to be a Yogi Superhero. Basic yoga poses are related entirely to the forest story, they help to self-soothe and self-regulate in this crazy world and help with managing emotions. In this book Yogi Superheroes befriend the fear and learn what can be done when feeling anxious. In addition, they discover their first inner superpower – kindness. Most of all, kids have fun doing yoga with this book, inside or outside.

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