Kids Yoga

Private Sessions – cost:

£25 – 30 min

£35 – 45 min

£40 – 1h

Please contact Anna on 07821417634 to check the availability.

I am qualified Yoga Teacher with British Wheel of Yoga. I graduated in 2016. Since then I was trained to teach yoga to kids with Chrysalis Yoga. In addition, I was trained to teach Yoga to kids with Autism and other related symptoms. Yotism is specialised sensory yoga method used to enhance the lives of individuals with Autism and other related symptoms.

I also have
– valid DBS
– safeguarding training
– first aid training

“It is powerful, profound and practical technique, that elegantly fuses together our scientific understanding of movement, the brain and neuro-sensory systems, with the ancient healing art of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga introduces a deep sense of body awareness, mindfulness, motor-neurone organisation and can gently reset the nervous system to create a shift from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’.

Benefits of Yoga for Autism, ADHD and other related differences:
– calming and soothing the nervous system
– enhanced self regulation and body awareness
– improved hand eye coordination and muscle tone
– enhanced motor skills, balance and special awareness
– improved attention, focus, confidence and self esteem
– more control in regulating anxiety and emotions
– regular quality and quantity of sleep
– reduction in aggression and self harming
– reduction of obsessive and self stimulatory behaviour
– decline in sensory overload
– healing of digestive complaints
– release of tension
– An introduction to the self
– And many many more …. “

1:1 private sessions available, contact Anna on 07821417634.