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You can read what others think of the class below:

“This weekly yoga class is like a warm hug. Jackie Feb 2023”

“Yoga to me is one hour of blissful calm in a fast and hectic world. It grounds me.  Andrea, Dec 2021”.

“Yoga gives me time each week to reflect and re-connect, it gives me peace, and a good night’s sleep. Liz, Dec 2021”

“Yoga classes provide the benefit of social interaction as well as physical exercise, together with promoting mental awareness and spiritual wellbeing through relaxation. A really rewarding experience. What could be better? Geraldine, Dec 2021”.

“Weekly Yoga is extremely beneficial, helping me to keep fit and relax at the same time and I highly recommend it to one and all!! Denise, Dec 2021”.

“Yoga class makes you feel Equal. We are all walking the same path. Janet, Dec 2021”.

“Yoga for stress relief, this is a very gentle and very friendly class. No pressure to be anything other than who you are. Movement and then relaxation in a beautiful studio.” (Fiona, October 2021)

“Amazing Yoga classes by Anna. I was a complete beginner and found the classes very helpful and I loved every second. These classes are an amazing start to the week 🙂 Anna is lovely, bubbly and full of energy. The classes are very welcoming. The classes made me feel great, thank you so much Anna.” (Mel, September 2021)

“Absolutely lovely yoga class provided by a great teacher! ? I always feel amazing after and full of joy ?” (Jess, August 2021)

Just wanted to thank you for Sunday it was amazing. As you know it is a difficult time, but trying to understand myself helps. Thank you honey you are absolutely brilliant at what you do. I never really understood what yoga was until you and I think there are so many people out there that don’t. I understand why your drawn to children now to prevent some of that adult pain. “ (Online workshop, June 2020)

“Thank you so much for your workshop this morning, it was lovely to see you and have some much needed tuition. The workshop was really useful and very well presented. The yoga was suitable for my level but challenging enough to enjoy and the relaxation was very much appreciated. I hope to join you on more of your lovely workshops and will hopefully be able to join you in person in the future” Liz, June 2020, Yoga workshop – befriending fear.

“The workshop was really enjoyable and useful. I felt so wonderfully relaxed afterwards! I thought the balance between talking and exercise was just right, especially given the subject. The two hours passed very quickly and I imagine if we had all met in person we would have shared more and it would certainly have lasted longer.  I found the practice both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing – and I love the poem and the message it sends. Thank you!” – Julie, June 2020, Yoga workshop – befriending fear

“Anna’s Hatha classes are a calm amongst the chaos really enjoyed her online class via video call whilst we aren’t able to practice in a studio” – Lily, May 2020
Thank you for the class last night – it was a time of calm amongst all the madness.”- Anne, May 2020
“I did Anna’s online class to night ….it was very good to keep Monday night for class. Thank you. Very relaxing.” – Ruth, May 2020

“From your child’s feedback – did they enjoy yoga therapy sessions? I’m not sure ‘enjoy’ is the right word but my daughter certainly benefited and needed the yoga sessions. Especially as they came at a time when non of the other support (other than family services) had kicked in. They gave us support and hope that we could do something positive to improve the situation. What did they enjoy the most? I think she liked the catching and sensory toys bit the best. We came away with lots of ideas which we’ve incorporated into her sensory breaks such as the spiky but soft balls and the balloons filled with sand. What they didn’t like? It was hard for her to travel and start the sessions. She does find transition difficult but once there she was positive and tried hard. Did you notice any changes after the class? Like sleep pattern / breathing? She has been using some of the techniques at home very successfully. In particular the breathing. She used this the other night when she thought she was going to have a seizure. She did the yoga breathing and talked herself down from her panic. She has also started to examine her feelings, emotions and responses much more after being shown this in the sessions. This has enabled her to really grown and develop as a person over the last few months. Would you recommend Yoga therapy to others? Absolutely. You might not get exactly what you expect from the sessions eg knowledge of yoga poses but actually you get such a lot more and it’s very tailored to what your child needs.” (Mum, March 2020)

“My son loved Yoga Therapy sessions; I could see each week his confidence growing, he looked forward to every sessions. He was getting better at yoga poses, I noticed increased confidence, he loved fun activities with links to breathing, mindfulness. After the class I noticed better regulations of emotions – huge difference, sleep longer without waking, easier to get to sleep, used breathing at school when stressed. (Mum, Dec 2019)

“My kids have enjoyed coming to yoga and looking forward each week. They enjoyed learning about breathing and showing me all the actions, they have been doing. After the class the boys used the relaxation technique of lying down with blanket over them during quiet times at home. I think the classes given boys the thinking time“. (Kids Yoga feedback – mum of boys 5 and 7 years old, 2019)

“My son loved superhero yoga! He was very excited to go every week and enjoyed every minute. He is very aware of emotions of others but more so after the class and thinking more about own emotions now. I would definitely bring my child again, thank you so much “ ( Kids Yoga – mum of 6 year old boy 2019 )

“My son enjoyed classes enormously! He told me he wakes up on Saturday and feels happy already because he knows he has his yoga session soon. He enjoyed yoga poses and exercises but also diversity and different kind of play every weekend. We have noticed he was more relaxed throughout the day and slept better on Saturday/Sunday. ( usually he didn’t sleep very well on weekends due to less exercise and activities over the weekend ) I would bring my child again. “ (mum of 6 years old boy – Kids Yoga feedback 2019 )

Just wanted to thank you for presenting the Yoga workshop on Sunday. The content of the course and presentation was excellent!  I think a lot of thought has gone into delivering this!  I’ve no problem recommending this to others! (Darren J. 2019)

The workshop was excellent, it was so beautifully taught, there could be no improvements. I liked the best the knowledge about the layers of the body. Thank you! (workshop 2019)

“I’ve been attending Anna’s class now for over a year and really enjoy it.  I have attended other yoga classes in the past; however, I particularly like Anna’s style of teaching and how we are encouraged to improve ourselves each week, rather than to compete with each other.  Yoga helps to keep you supple and strong, it is exercise for the mind and body in unison.  I find the breathing practises fascinating – how your breath and breathing changes naturally with whatever position you hold your hands (mudras)!I know of fellow Christians who are concerned that yoga is worship – I really don’t find this to be the case at all.  There is no worship.  I have never been asked to “clear my mind”.  Relaxation is about relaxing each part of your body in sequence.  I have also used this time for silent prayer and reflection of my relationship with God. And when I get home I have the best night’s sleep of the week!” (Jayne K. 2018)

“Going to Yoga is “my time”. I have a busy job/life and yoga calms my body and mind. Sometimes it is struggle to motivate myself to go but as soon as I’m there, seeing Anna and her enthusiasm, it is worthwhile. I settle my thoughts and relax and concentrate into session. You concentrate on yourself and your own ability. If I manage a position not done before I feel a sense of achievement, if not then there is next week, but I still tried. During class I felt relaxed, calm and glad I attended. Yoga is so much more tha an “exercise”, it is well-being. (Dinah D., 2018)

A few years ago I decided to change few things in my lifestyle and it was a turning point, my son had gone to high school and I suddenly found myself having time for me. I chose Yoga because I had got into fitness in a big way, going to the gym a lot so the exercising was there for the body but I felt I needed something for the mind. I looked on the internet locally for somewhere and found Orange Lotus Yoga. I didn’t feel brave enough o go on my own so I invited close friend to come and she accepted and so the journey began.That was 2 years ago and I rarely miss it, I couldn’t imagine not going. Anna is great and encouraging and helpful and always puts at ease. I like all the positions, even the hard ones, the breathing excercise, the people in the class, the talk Anna gives to us at the beginning of the class is inspirational and thought-provoking. I belive my body and mind benefit from yoga after each class, I feel energised, relaxed and completely at ease, all my anxiety goes and I have such a good night rest that I feel great in the morning. (Rachael E., 2018)

“Whilst I may not have been to every class at the school – I have been practising at home – I love Anna’s approach – mindfulness and philosophy towards yoga is refreshing and the best class that I have been to since I started yoga 2 years ago. I wish I could come every week – but the spirit that comes home with me lasts long and deep……thank you………. (Jacqui R. 2018)”

“Being new to Yoga, I was not entirely sure what to expect. I very much enjoyed that the whole course was themed. So, instead of just going to class and doing some exercises and going home again, there was a common thread linking the classing and building upon each other.Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere to work on flexibility and toning those flabby muscles. Most enjoyable is the moment, when the spine goes ‘clunk’ and all the built-up tension from sitting at a desk all day just disappears. The relaxation at the end of each class finishes things off nicely. I usually shuffle into class, feeling like I am at least 90 years old and skip back to my car after each session.” (Michaela E., 2018)

“I used to think that yoga was just about flexibility. I now know it’s much more than that. It’s about connecting your mind, body and soul. Yoga has taught me to breathe, to honour my body and to be present…and okay with it. My mind is no longer worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, I have learnt to live in the now. To appreciate the now. And the now feels good. I now understand the power of my own mind and I value silence. Ania has taught me how to be at one with myself and how to relax. This has had an invaluable effect on my life and on people around me. I have been so inspired by Orange Lotus Yoga that I have booked myself on a Hatha yoga retreat holiday, which I can’t wait for! I encourage anyone to give the classes a try –  just 1hr and a half out of your whole week will allow you to feel in control for the rest of it. Namaste. ” (Ellie S. 2017)

“I am in my early sixties. I felt nervous attending my first yoga class on my own. I thought I would show myself up against young fit people. I wasted valuable time worrying. All ages, gender and fitness level join the class. Anna explains that is not competition. You do as much as you are able to and the poses can be adapted to suit you and your needs. You find each week you can do a little more and that makes you feel good. Sometimes I wobble over in a pose and that’s ok too. I just laugh at myself and try again. I feel so much more flexible and my core muscles are getting stronger. I am starting to feel good about myself. Not just my body but mind too. The relaxation at the end is wonderful. A bit of me time. The breathing exercises help me to control myself in different situations at work and home. I  take deep breaths  in the morning which makes me feel great. I try to do some yoga most mornings when I first get up. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 40 minutes. I feel my body and mind is ready to face the day ahead. Why don’t you give a try. (Tricia M. 2017)”

“After a long break from yoga Anna’s class has been a reminder of all the benefits I felt and more. A space every week to unwind, reflect and stretch . Quite often I feel like I could settle in for the night after relaxation. (Rachel H. 2016)”

“It was amazing class! I would recommend it to anyone! With so many different variations of the postures you don’t have to be flexible or strong and yet it works on your muscles! Relaxation was amazing and distressed me completely 🙂 I had really great time.” (Iza K. 2016)

“Great work out always feel invigorated the following days after a perfect relaxed sleep after the class. Thanks Ania (Russell W. 2016)”

“I participated in Orange Lotus Yoga classes and they were amazing!
The atmosphere was great- relaxing and calm making me forget about the regular life and its problems.
The teacher- Ania was very friendly, open and patient. She explained everything carefully and even I could do most of the exercises (I’m a beginner 🙂 ). The class was great and I surely will visit more often.” (Sylvia M. 2016)

” My yoga class is held by Anna who is a lovely young lady who is calming and knowledgeable and gives us plenty of encouragement when needed. The class is a wonderful mix of young and old and it is always a friendly place to walk into. (Gill W. 2016) “