21 Ideas (or more) to reduce plastic in your house.

Through yoga practice, meditation, my awareness of life increased. I started to realise, naturally, the connection with nature and impact of my own actions on others and everything around me.

I started my journey with plastic 2 years ago. I was terribly busy at that time and I really didn’t have time to research any ideas on how to reduce the plastic usage in my house. Hence, I decided to record all the ideas I implemented for the last two years. I did not do everything at once. It was a process – still is. So please be kind to yourself and try not to overload yourself. One step at the time. In the first video I explain why I feel so strong about war against plastic. Forgive my passion lol Hopefully it will make the process easier for someone else.


On you tube I posted additional links to some videos related to subject and article.

An article related to this video:
https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/more-recycling-wont-solve-plastic-pollution/And very inspirational TED talk

Why recycling does not work:


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