We are the universe

As a 5-year-old child, I had a secret way to travel the universe. All I had to do was lie on my front, rest my closed eyes on my forearms, and boom – I was flying among the stars! The galaxies were my playground, and I could see the planets dancing in front of me, swirling in a cosmic ballet. The milky way was my highway, and I was free from any labels or limitations, just soaring in blissful freedom. No concepts or expectations could touch me there – I was pure, wild joy, untethered and alive. It was like having a magic ticket to explore the universe, and I treasured every moment of it. As a kid, I felt this deep knowing that I was part of something much bigger than myself, that there was magic and wonder to be found within. But as I grew up, the noise of the world drowned out that inner voice, and I started to believe that the universe was something “out there,” beyond my reach. The school taught me to rely on my brain to understand the world, but it left me feeling empty and disconnected. It was like living in a colourless, flat world, missing out on the vibrant, pulsing energy of the universe. But deep down, I knew there was more, and I was determined to find it.
The memory of that childhood freedom never left me, and I searched for it in every corner of my life, hungry for the answers that would set me free.

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