Love Yourself First

From my experience how we love people is based on how we love ourselves. And also our perception of the world around us. Because if we don’t love and accept who we are, how can we love others?

Loving yourself is all about feeling good about who you are, inside and out. It’s a process. Here are a few steps to help you get started:
1. Embrace your unique qualities! Nobody’s perfect, and that’s okay! Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, celebrate what makes you special.

2. Take care of yourself! Eating well, getting enough sleep, and doing things that make you happy are all important for feeling good about yourself.

3. Surround yourself with positivity! Being around people who support you and lift you up will help you feel better about yourself.

4. Be confident! If you feel like someone isn’t treating you right, speak up! And don’t be afraid to say “no” if you need some time for yourself.

5. Talk to yourself like a friend! Be kind to yourself and avoid negative self-talk. Instead, try to be positive and encouraging!

6. Follow your dreams! Doing things you’re passionate about and setting achievable goals can help you feel more confident and fulfilled.

7. Use affirmations – positive statements. You can write them down every day. If you are an auditory learner, you can record your affirmations and listen to them. You may prefer to sing it, paint it, or write it on a piece of paper to keep in your pocket. It’s about you and nobody else, so record your affirmation in a way which feels good for you. But do take a moment to revisit them – one idea is to stand in front of your mirror and repeat them out loud. You can do it from three different perspectives or use your name instead for example:
I love and accept myself.
You love and accept yourself.
She/He loves and accepts himself/herself.

Remember, loving yourself takes time and effort. Be patient and don’t give up!

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