Yogi Superhero video

Introducing magic of Yoga to children!

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“Yogi Superhero” is an introduction to yoga for children ages 3-8. A meaningful book which demonstrates mindful yoga poses and breathing exercise. This colour book tells the story which allows children to understand that we are already a Yogi Superhero, we just sometimes forget about it. It teaches basic poses which help to self-soothe and self-regulate in our crazy world and help with managing negative emotions. Easy to follow poses are perfect for a bedtime or morning yoga. Readers will learn techniques for relaxing the body and the mind. Beautiful illustrations are showing yoga poses and the connection with nature.

Thank you to OSM Production for this beautiful trailer!
Illustrated by Art of Martyna Nejman

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*thickness of the book in trailer is not representative for the product sold, standard templated was used for this production. Sold product contains 24 pages.

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