Being Present

A couple of weeks ago, when we had the unexpected summer explosion, we were sitting in the garden with my friend, drinking tea and chatting as you do in the UK ? And something incredible happen. A little Robin sat on my lap and stayed there looking at me. He was constantly moving but his eyes were drilling me through. I was hypnotised. I stopped breathing and time ceased to exist… Those few brief moments seemed like a very long time. But in reality, they were just seconds. And just for a while, I felt this incredible connection and overwhelming joy. I smiled, I couldn’t stop smiling. For a few weeks my mind was distracted by worries about finances, constant price rises and how will I be able to sustain what I do. I was more and more moving away from my stillness. And in this one moment, everything went quiet. It was just me and Robin. It was probably a coincidence, but at that moment it felt like it was a sign from the Universe, telling me everything will be ok, just keep going… And just when I took a breath and told my friend to take a photo, Robin flew away. The connection has ended.
What’s the moral of the story? Whatever you take from this. But I sometimes think our life is like that perfect moment. But we get distracted, we don’t notice it at all, the beauty of the present moment. And instead of thinking about taking a photo or video, posting it on Facebook or Instagram, relaxing into it and enjoying would be a much better solution. Life happens in front of our eyes, how often do we see it? And yoga is here to help us connect again. Well, at least for me, that’s my experience.

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