OLY Poetry

“Who am I?”

You can hear me in the shimmering of the stream
You can see me on the top of the mountain
You can taste me in your every meal
You can smell me when you smell the rose
You can feel me in every bit of your heart

I am stripped off all the names and labels
with no ego or identity
I come from nothing
everything comes from me
and yet I am no less

Who am I?
Find me if you wish
one, two, three
now you are seeking me

(Ania S. May 2016)


“In the silence”


In the silence

I’m closer to the truth

with every inbreath

and every outbreath

I’m closer to the answer

to all my questions


with closed eyes

I find light in the darkness

shining bright through every part of my body

and expanding into universe


dissolving into fourth dimension

I never knew I had

(Ania S. 30 May 2017)


“Beyond the fear”


Beyond the fear

I spread my wings

and touch the stars


Beyond the fear

I discover

different shades of light


Beyond the fear

I sense freedom

of the countless lives


Beyond the fear

Every breath

gets me closer to the Truth


Beyond the fear

there is no division

All is One


Beyond the fear

in the endless sea of silence

I Re-join Myself

(Ania S. 11 May 2018)


Inspired by workshop at mandala yoga ashram in wales.