Live classes are back!

Orange Lotus Yoga Classes – August 2020

LIVE classes are back!

  1. Mondays 8pm – 9.30 pmWeekly Gentle Hatha Yoga back in studio 22! (No class Bank Holiday Monday). See safety assessment below, £25 for 4 classes, £7 per class – text Anna on 07821417634 to book before paying. Only 12 spaces. Bank transfers and card payments preferred, however if that’s not an option please let me know. I am not able to refund Eventbrite fees. Studio 22, 22 high street, Crewe, CW2 7BL, entrance from Oak Street car park.

Monthly access Tickets £25:

or pay via paypal – Contact me on 07821417634 for account details to avoid charges. As a self-employed person, I understand that for some of us financial situation can be difficult. If you cannot pay the full amount, please contact me directly.

  1. Yoga in the garden – contact me if you are interested, weather permitting
  2. 1:1 indoors back again

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Online Yoga Workshop

Befriend Your Fear – using yoga to help.


When: 28th of June 2020, Sunday

What time: 10 am – 12 noon

Cost: £10

What to expect:

Immerse yourself in complete relaxation.  What to expect on the day?

Will go through specially prepared yoga asana (physical) and pranayama (breathing) practice which could be helpful with befriending the fear.

And will include half an hour of aware relaxation called Yoga Nidra. A mini Spa for your Mind. A Very relaxing Sunday morning preparing you for the whole week! You are so worth it.



or pay via paypal

As a self-employed person, I understand that for some of us financial situation can be difficult. If you cannot pay the full amount, please use donation ticket. If you cannot pay anything at all, please contact me. We are all in this together! You can also use paypal account if you wish


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Meditation experience

Today I would like to keep you a bit longer than usual. Person attending my mindfulness/relaxation class, wrote to me with the practice experience and with the permission – I am sharing. Love the creative way. Obviously, that doesn’t have to be your experience, but I just want to show you how exciting the journey into yourself may be! Searching for the true Self…
This person is practicing meditation for 1.5 years now. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to pass it on!

Sending love and light

Our live streaming online class each Wednesday 8PM

Who said that?
Which me?
I don’t know about you, but I have long been aware of at least two Me’s, although I have only recently begun to understand their relationship with each other. The two Me’s are the “Story- Teller” me and the “Narrator” me.
The Story-Teller me, is the one you hear when I talk out loud. Words come out of my mouth and both you and I can hear them.
The Narrator me, is the one that only I can hear in my head. You can’t hear this one, but it is always there. In fact, this is the one I can hear now as I type, it is saying the words and my fingers are doing the typing.
In fact, the Narrator me is nearly always there. It hardly every stops, always chattering away randomly, repeatedly, arguing, challenging everything, worried about everything. It is the storm going on around.
These two Me’s are not different people in anyway, just a different version of the one “Me”
The Narrator also has an eye, it’s the “Mind’s Eye”. It can see things just like my real eyes but in a different way. It’s the visual imagination. Nothing particularly weird, spiritual or insightful but still there all the same. As the Narrator is chatting on, it is creating images in the mind of what it means. As other conversations, noises, sights, feelings come in form the senses outside, it is building new images in my mind. Oddly, I can’t actually see the Mind’s Eye itself, but I can see the canvas it places the images on. The “Movie” screen. This constant Movie of images is all part of the chattering, a part of the storm. To find the eye of the storm, is to quieten the Narrator and switch off the Movie.
Sometimes I am aware of it going quiet when it is in sync with the Story-Teller me. These are the times the Narrator is being able to externalise what it is says through the Story -Teller. This is why I think writing is good because it often allows this sync to happen. A type of shortcut or bypass. A version of truth. Sometimes the Narrator goes quiet when it is listening, but usually not for long.
I find another way of quietening the Narrator, through Meditation. However, this is a different type of quiet. It’s not in sync with the Story-Teller as such, because the Story-Teller is either not present or maybe is quiet also. It is rare I find this quiet Narrator time, but it does happen. Concentrating on the breath or any other singularity, reduces the Narrators chatter to a hum, or an “ommmm….”, or sometimes even more rarely, even an absolute nothing. The Narrator is listening for longer.
Both the Narrator, me and the Movie screen are in my head. Inside my skull. The Eye “sees” from there and I “hear” the Narrator’s voice from there. I expect this because this is where I have always assumed the “I” of me exists. Both my consciousness and unconsciousness live there.

During the body scan last week, I experienced a third Me. One that wasn’t a Story-Teller me or a Narrator me and more interesting wasn’t in my head.
I (both Me’s) hear your guided description, Feet, Lower Legs, etc. My Narrator me, is instructing my Minds Eye to look at these body parts (along with lots of other random chatter in the background), and the image of the body part is placed on my Movie screen in my head. At which point I experience, feel, see the body part in isolation. This is pretty normal for me. I try not to listen to everything the Narrator is saying, especially the unrelated background chatter, and try not to pay to much attention to the Movie. Instead, I try and just let it just happen without the Narrator, narrating and displaying the events.
As you direct I/me to be aware of my Arms, my Head etc, all is normal, as it usually is. The Narrator me and the Movie are both playing their role but getting quieter. But then you said something along the lines of “be aware of your brain”. A this point, without realising it at first, I moved out of my head and “felt” I was looking at my head (where my brain exists) and seeing the Narrator and the Move screen (which is where they both exist) from somewhere else.
At first it was like when you put two mirrors face to face, and they produce infinite images of each other. Because the act of looking at my brain and head, which contained the Movie screen, which is usually what I watch, was like looking at a Movie of a Movie.
It was at this moment I also felt I was seeing the Story-Teller me and the Narrator me and the Movie screen as a whole for the first time. But then I became aware that in order for this to be happening, I had to be looking from a new place. A place outside of the normal place of the head. I also realised for a split second that I was looking at all this from a new Me I had not been aware of before.
Was this an out of body experience? Was this the new Me? A real Me?
I have no idea what it was, but it was a new experience. This thought process will be continued….

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Fear and how to cope with it

I hope you are all keeping safe and sane. So here I am writing is such a difficult time. Times full of fear and not only my own but the bigger fear, global fear. And even if we don’t want to, it still impacts us on smaller or bigger scale. And some of us can cope with it better and some of us find it very difficult. I imagine isolation can be a very challenging time for some people, not being able to see others can be difficult. For some of us however it could be a time to rest and slow down. For those on a front line it could be time of the biggest fear because they never know what they are bringing home with them to their families, children and close ones. There is the financial fear for people who are self employed and lost all their income. There is fear for all of us with struggle to get food we are used to and lifestyle we are used to. There is definitely a lot of fear around us.

So what can we do when fear takes over?

  1. Getting back to your body through physical yoga practice may help. But it doesn’t have to be yoga, any exercise, walking, cycling, running. Anything you can do in the situation we are in. If you have garden, maybe some garden work. To get out of our mind and come back to the body. There is also really nice mindfulness scan which helps with that. See link below:


  1. Breathing practice of equal breath is pretty safe however if you suffer with corona virus and have problem with breathing or very anxious, have asthma or any other medical condition which could impact the ability to breath please avoid it for now.


The idea is to make your inbreath and outbreath equal. Start with count which is natural to your breath and with time you can increase the count. So for example if you naturally breathing on count to 3, start with that but you can increase it with time to count of 8 or 10.


  1. Find things you love to do. There are so many courses available online for free at the moment it’s actually overwhelming. But go back to what you love doing and find time to do it. Is it painting, reading, writing, dancing, singing, playing instruments, or maybe cooking or baking? Think what you love. This situation which we are in is out of or control, but it can bring benefits as well.


  1. I know in times like that it’s difficult to think about bigger picture but sometimes it helps to help others. So check with your neighbours, do they need help? Are they isolating? Catching up with family and checking how they are.


  1. This situation definitely gave me opportunity to be grateful. A lot of things I took for granted every day, my lifestyle all of that is not accessible at the moment. And I am grateful for food on my table. Each week when I get my vegetable box delivered to my door I smile and I appreciate all this hard work farmers put to grow it, deliver it to shop and shop deliver to me. And when I cook I cook with love and appreciation of the months of growth for me to be able to cook it for dinner. I also appreciate all the people working at the moment to keep our life as normal. I appreciate the nature. With all the craziness around us that’s my source of stillness. It goes on as nothing ever happened. I can almost hear it breathing with relief and enjoyed a short break from us.


  1. Take one day at a time. Just get up and practice mindfulness all day. Try to stay in a present moment instead of allowing the mind to take us to the past or the future.


  1. Be kind to yourself. If you are at home like me and find you have more time than usual, it doesn’t mean you have to do more. I know there is a whole list of things you could tackle but if the situation is overwhelming and it’s not happening for whatever reason just be kind to yourself. There is no right or wrong. Whatever is – is.



The situation we are in is not in our control, we didn’t choose it. But here we are. And I think it’s brilliant opportunity to think about life and what’s important. What do you want from life? What is important to you? Not to your family, society, but you? What do you want to come back to when everything is over.

I found myself that I love teaching yoga to children and due to safeguarding issues and my insurance I can not do it at the moment, but they are working on it. And miss it a lot. And I love it. I found that writing is something what I am passionate about and still want to keep doing it. I found my yoga practice is keeping me sane and grounded and I appreciate it more than ever.

What is important to you?


And of course if you still want to join my weekly classes it’s never too late. Please see information below.


Classes open to new, past and current students. New students need to fill in health questionnaire before attending

  1. Gentle Hatha Yoga – Mondays 7.30PM
  2. Relaxation and Mindfulness Class – Wednesdays 8PM
  3. FREE Community Chat – Tuesdays 7PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 963 858 700
Password: 422475

  1. Private 1:1 with adults, Family Yoga and Kids Yoga available on request. 



  1. Hatha Yoga £5 ticket for a single class – choose a date


  1. Relaxation Single ticket £4 – choose a date


As a self-employed person, I understand that for some of us financial situation can be difficult. If you cannot pay the full amount, please use donation ticket. If you cannot pay anything at all, please contact me. We are all in this together! You can also use paypal account if you wish

Or ask for my account number to avoid charges.


You also need to agree with the below to participate:

I take responsibility for my own health and safety whilst participating in the yoga class, whether face to face or remote, and I also understand that it is my responsibility to:


  • check with my doctor if I have any difficulties or concerns about my ability to participate in the yoga class
  • advise the yoga tutor of any change in my medical information or ability to participate in the yoga class
  • follow the advice given by my doctor and/or yoga tutor remain on screen when participating in a remote yoga session

I understand that for any periods of time throughout a remote session during which I move off screen or are outside of the teacher’s view, whether intentionally or not; no liability will arise on the part of the teacher.


Why Yoga?

– to de-stress during coronavirus
– It improves flexibility, strength and balance if practiced regularly.
– It has potential impact on relaxation response and helps to relax.
– It has impact on internal organs and hormones.
– Could promote sleep quality.
– Helps with breathing.
– And many, many more – you need to experience it!


Also if you are staying at home with kids from next week I will be posting every day on Facebook some easy breathing practices for children and parents to keep us sane and calm

So like Orange Lotus Yoga page and check the updates. Also “Yogi Superhero” is available on amazon if you are struggling for ideas what to do with kids.

You tube video explains on how you can use it

And most important stay healthy and safe!


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Yogi Superhero update!

An update on Yogi Superhero! Due to increased demand, Corona virus and Amazon prioritizing deliveries there is a slight delay on delivering book to your door. However do not let that to put you off ordering because the delivery dates are changing daily. Mine changed from a month to a week.

Here is the link to the book:

So order away and thank you so much for your orders, feedback, likes, reviews and comments. I am very grateful

Stay safe and sane
Sending love and light

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