OLY Workshops

New OLY Workshop Coming Up!


14th of July Sunday 10 am -2pm

“Going beyond the physical body”.

Venue: Studio 4orce PT & Wellness Centre, Unit 2 Spring Farm, Moss Lane, Minshull Vernon CW1 4RJ Crewe

Cost £35 – early bird offer if booked before June 1st £30

contact 07821417634 for booking your space and account details

Limited spaces available

Immerse yourself in complete relaxation.  What to expect on the day?

Will go through specially prepared asana and pranayama practice. We will learn meditation technique and try to experience 5 layers of our existence. Will explore what 5 layers of existence (5 koshas) mean in yoga philosophy and understand that our physical body is only one of them.

Light snacks and tea during the break will be provided.

And will finish with half an hour of aware relaxation called Yoga Nidra. A mini Spa for your Mind. A Very relaxing Sunday morning preparing you for the whole week! You are so worth it.