Monday Hatha Yoga AM


New 5 week course starting 10th of February 2020!

5-week course – Yoga for All

Cost: £35 for 5 weeks

Venue: Studio 4orce PT and wellness centre
Unit 2 Spring Farm, Moss Lane, Minshull Vernon
CW1 4RJ Crewe

Mondays 10am-11.30am


Friendly, small classes. Booking required.


How Yoga can help with stress? The stress response has always been with us, as our prime instinct, when our ancestors had to flee from the dangerous animals or fight for food. The adrenaline rush, as we sometimes call it, in small amounts is very healthy and motivating. Even getting up from bed needs an adrenaline rush and higher blood pressure, which wouldn’t happen without our “built in stress response system”. There is no proven link between stress and disease, but because stress impacts on our immune system, few books mention a few stress related disorders like:

Irritable bowel syndrome IBS



Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)




And that’s where Yoga can be used as a technique, tool to improve stress related symptoms.

Teens welcome (12-18), please ask before bringing your child to class. Parent + child £10 drop in, additional child £2