OLY Classes

New Students: please arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill in a health questionnaire (available under contact details)

  • Mondays 8.00-9.30 PM

Hatha Yoga for stress relief – Mixed Ability Class beginners welcome

Venue: Sir William Stanier School – Dance Studio, Sir William Stanier School, Coronation St, Crewe CW1 4EB 

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket.

No classes on bank holiday Mondays and no classes during summer break July – August 2018.

£7 per class *

                                                                                                                    Please use the leisure centre entrance



  • Wednesdays 8.15-9.30 PM

Mindful Meditation class for wellbeing – Mixed Ability Class beginners welcome

13/03/2019-26/06/2019 (no class on 29th of May)                                                                                                                                                               

Venue: Studio 4orce PT & Wellness Centre, Unit 2 Spring Farm, Moss Lane, Minshull Vernon, CW1 4RJ Crewe

no classes during summer break July – August 2018

£7 per class *



  • 1 to 1 classes available on request 

*Class is £7 but if you attend 9 classes the 10th  is for free so you pay £6.30 per class! Come and join us at any point of the course, the classes are beneficial as individual classes also

*Class Saver – Bank Transfer available for 10 classes paid in advance – saving £10 on 10 classes

£60 for 10  classes


******* NEW GIFT VOUCHERS available *************

£7 per class or £60 for 10 classes

contact me on 07821417634 for details


Hatha Yoga Class 

New Hatha Yoga Course starting 7th Jan 2019!

1o week course on prana on the dates below.

We are living in times of knowledge and science. We are living in times when we learn about anatomy, biology and the laws of physics since we are children. We are lucky to evolve and develop new technologies and medicines. And yet the more developed we are, the more we forget about basic knowledge and nature, about experiencing what it means to be a human and how to help ourselves without going to the doctors with every pain. We have developed amazing things in 21st century, including quantum physics. And yet if we look at scripts like the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras, those all new, amazing facts have been discovered as far back as 5000 B.C. It seems we just forgot about it. Teaching about forces ruling our universe like Prana is giving people power. It’s empowering students to experience their body, to start the journey inwards and find the way to true Self. It’s not only an honour and privilege, it becomes a necessity. In times when we can see prana imbalance everywhere: obesity, diabetes, heart diseases,  increasing mental health problems, depression, teaching aspects of prana can be life saving. 

07/01/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
14/01/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
21/01/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
28/01/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
04/02/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
11/02/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
18/02/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
25/02/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
04/03/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio
11/03/2019 20:00 21:30 Dance Studio

Hatha Yoga Class 

New Hatha Yoga Course starting  18th of Feb 2019!

12 week course on chakras on the dates below.

The chakras system – Centres of Unity

The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. They are seen as wheel-like vortexes of energy in person. They are energy modulators or transducer.

“Similarly to balancing the wheels of your car, balancing your chakras helps to improve and maintain optimum performance. Sticking with the car analogy for a moment: when the wheels are not balances, they become wobbly and add undue stress, wear and tear to your tires and your vehicle. Performance decreases, as does the life of the tire. When your chakras are out of balance, they become too open or too closed. They do not effectively manage energy transmission and reception in your body. These imbalances create more stress and impact how you interact with the world around you.”

Chakra Balancing: Is it Important for Your Health?

During 12 week course will learn about chakras and will focus on balancing them through breath and postures.

Date Start Finish  Location 
18-Mar 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
25-Mar 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
01-Apr 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
08-Apr 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
15-Apr 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
29-Apr 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
13-May 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
20-May 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
03-Jun 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
10-Jun 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
17-Jun 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio
24-Jun 20:00 21:30 SWS dance studio


Mindful Meditation and Yoga in daily life

15 week course – “Keeping sane in a  crazy world” starting 13th of March 2019

15 week course – “Keeping sane in a  crazy world” starting 13th of March 2019 in the New Venue – Studio 4orce
Unit 2 Spring Farm, Moss Lane, Minshull Vernon
CW1 4RJ Crewe

Take the most amazing journey of your life – journey into yourself and learn how to meditate. Meditation is proven to “rewire” the brain and have calming impact on mind and body. It helps you to discover and increase your own potential. It has been proven scientifically that there are different stages of brain activity and by meditating (and in deep relaxation) we can influence our state of mind in a controlled, awake way and move it to a theta wave state which is possible during sleep. It has been proven to be a more efficient way of energising the body than sleep.


Date Place Start Finish
13-Mar Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
20-Mar Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
27-Mar Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
03-Apr Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
10-Apr Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
17-Apr Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
24-Apr Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
01-May Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
08-May Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
15-May Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
22-May Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
05-Jun Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
12-Jun Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
19-Jun Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30
26-Jun Studio 4orce 20.15 21.30



If you are thinking of experiencing a traditional yoga retreat, please check Mandala Yoga Ashram for details:


We are so lucky to have such an amazing place like that in the UK!





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