OLY Classes

All welcome. New students need to fill in health questionnaire before attending

  1. Gentle Hatha Yoga – Mondays 7.30PM
  2. Relaxation and Mindfulness Class – Wednesdays 8PM


1.Hatha Yoga £5 ticket for a single class – choose a date


2 Relaxation Single ticket £4 – choose a date



or pay via paypal


As a self-employed person, I understand that for some of us financial situation can be difficult. If you cannot pay the full amount, please use donation ticket. If you cannot pay anything at all, please contact me. We are all in this together! You can also use paypal account if you wish



Or ask for my account number to avoid charges.

You also need to agree with the below to participate:
I take responsibility for my own health and safety whilst participating in the yoga class, whether face to face or remote, and I also understand that it is my responsibility to:

  • check with my doctor if I have any difficulties or concerns about my ability to participate in the yoga class
  • advise the yoga tutor of any change in my medical information or ability to participate in the yoga class
  • follow the advice given by my doctor and/or yoga tutor remain on screen when participating in a remote yoga session

I understand that for any periods of time throughout a remote session during which I move off screen or are outside of the teacher’s view, whether intentionally or not; no liability will arise on the part of the teacher.

Why Yoga?
– to de-stress during coronavirus
– It improves flexibility, strength and balance if practiced regularly.
– It has potential impact on relaxation response and helps to relax.
– It has impact on internal organs and hormones.
– Could promote sleep quality.
– Helps with breathing.
– And many, many more – you need to experience it!

Feedback from those who attended was really good. And join us in our small yogi community.

And most important stay healthy and safe!


******* NEW GIFT VOUCHERS available *************

Thinking of present for your loved one – what could be better than gift of Yoga!

contact me on 07821417634 for details



Also available 

OLY 1:1 adults

OLY 1:1 yoga therapy for kids with autism

OLY 1:1 yoga therapy for children 

OLY Regular yoga workshops

OLY Free Kids yoga

OLY Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness

OLY Birthday party entertainment – Yogi Superhero adventures


If you are thinking of experiencing a traditional yoga retreat, please check Mandala Yoga Ashram for details:


We are so lucky to have such an amazing place like that in the UK! Most of my classes are inspired by amazing teachers in the Ashram.






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